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Whether you're transitioning into management, going deep on a technical skill or picking up new ones, we’ve got you covered. Check out some examples:
Career transitions
The challenge with the transition into management is figuring out how to make your teammates successful. Taking charge of the onboarding process is a great way to kick start the success of others.
DevPlan can recommend products that help with a role transition.
Domain expertise
When progressing to the next level, you have to display a deeper understanding of your domain, so that you can advise teammates and architect solutions. You’ll need to immerse yourself in the domain, and seek advice from the experts.
DevPlan can show you where to seek guidance and gain a deeper understanding.
New skills
In such a rapidly changing and competitive market, it's important to keep your skills sharp and relevant. Keeping up to date with the major shifts within the industry can give you access to the best opportunities in your field.
DevPlan recommends some of the best resources for developing new skills.
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