Software engineering levels
DevPlan knows what you should focus on so that you can get to the next level.
Building your skill set
Getting to the next level requires demonstratingmastery of your current level andpotential for your next.
EachLevel has certain responsibilities and expectations. To meet these, you have to develop the right skill set over time.
DevPlan knows what skills are required and helps define a plan for you to acquire them through focused goal setting acrossLevels.
Defined levels
DevPlan has defined whatTraits each level can focus on when making career progress.
To progress to your next career level, you have to show that you have mastered the traits of yourcurrent level but that you’re also working on the traits for yournext level.
How do you know what to focus on so that you can progress to the nextLevel?
Thats whereDevPlan comes in.
We breakdown eachTrait within your Level into actionable items. That way, you can set focused goals which will produce the right results. Check out this example breakdown:
Whats in a level?
Let's breakdown thefour main components of ourLevels.
A primary characteristic of your currentLevel.
The defined categories within a certainTrait.
Specific disciplines of aSubtrait which can be focused upon for measurement.
E.g:Treats performance as a first order concern
Suggestions that frame goal setting for a certainMeasurement.
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