Goal setting for software engineers
DevPlan knows that goal setting is the foundation of career development.
Goal setting
Goal setting is at the core of your professional development.
Through definedLevels, you know what to work on, and throughGoals, you can achieve the right results foryou.
It's like project management, but for yourcareer.
Goals have:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Tasks
  • Target date
  • Calendar sync
Having definedLevels, makes it's easy to pick an area of focus for yourGoals.
Step 1: Choose a focus
Step 2: Create a Goal
Step 3: Skills growth
Suggested goals
It's hard to know what specific goals you should set.
That's where DevPlan'sgoal suggestions come in.
You pick the growth areas you want to focus on and we provide thegoal suggestions.
Goal setting just got a whole lot easier.
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